Where Threads Come Loose
Take a walk in a weirder world...

Welcome to Where Threads Come Loose, a half-hour radiodrama anthology series specializing in satire and horror, twisted tales and wild, wiggy weirdness.

From the kooky to the chilling, from the madcap to the macabre, Threads unravels the fabric of normal life and knits it back into something altogether oddball. It's audio theater for the modern age, featuring Hitchcockian thrillers and goofball comedy in the vein of Mr. Show, Woody Allen and Monty Python.

The show was originally produced at Minneapolis' KUOM-AM (Radio K) from 1994 to 1997, and was syndicated on public-radio and college stations across the U.S. and Canada. More recently, Threads returned in a remastered form to Radio K's airwaves for a nearly four-year span.

Find out more on the episode guide page, where you'll find the recording scripts for most of the episodes, or listen to audio excerpts from Threads on mp3. I bet you can just taste the excitement. I know I can. I thought at first it was maybe lightheadedness from lack of sleep, but no, it's totally excitement.

Any questions? This page answers some likely questions and gives a fuller introduction to the series.