Where Threads Come Loose
Thanks go to ...
I've tried to namecheck those involved the creation of individual episodes on the script page for each show, but a few people deserve special mention.

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The fine folks at KUOM-AM (770 Radio K, Minneapolis) were supportive from the beginning and have continued to be ever since. They gave us the go-ahead to produce the series, helped fund it and get it out to other radio stations, and generally gave us total creative license and the run of the recording studio for as long as we needed it, whenever we needed it. Thanks to Andy Marlow, Jim Musil, Stuart Sanders, Larry Oberg, Chuck Keller and Ali Lozoff, among many others. (Radio K is, by the way, nonprofit and supported in large part by donations from the public.)

Thanks to the musicians and independent labels whose music appears in our series. Minnesota artists provide the opening and closing themes for the show. The opening is Manplanet's "I Robot"; the closing theme is Terry Eason's "What To Do." Other musicians who can be heard in the series are Accident Clearinghouse, Astronaut Wife, Smattering, and the artists of Grimsey Records and Endearing Records. We're grateful to these independent musicians for their support, which has been invaluable to the continued existence of the program.

Chief sound engineers were Dan Grothe, Rex Wilhm and Chris Bahn. Chris also put this website together. At least 30 others were involved in acting, engineering or other aspects of the show; see below or on the credit listings for individual episodes for more details. Nearly everything was written and directed by either myself or Tony Pagel, but two or three short sketches were written by Rich Dahm (The Onion, "Space Ghost: Coast To Coast," "The Cultural Idiocy Quiz"). Jason Sandberg (who also created the independent comic book "Jupiter"), Audry Wolters, and Dan Grothe provided artwork. (Check out some of Jason's work in more detail here and on his website. And here's a link to Audry's portfolio.)

Thanks to Justin Ulysses and Johnny Smokes of Roll Music Studios for advice and equipment loans, to my brother Brian for hours and hours of invaluable tech support, and John Keller and Brian Westemeier. Thanks to those radio stations who have shown interest in the project. And thanks to our listeners, especially those of you who took the time to call or write. And thanks to Larisa for putting up with it all.